Spare parts

The original Yanmar spare parts

Not always the original Yanmar spare parts are known among the users of machines and equipment, as they are considered unnecessarily more expensive compared with the aftermarket parts.

But the opposite is true! How many times do you have the evidence that low cost is synonymous of poor quality with the result that - trying to spend less - than you paid more for?

Low quality materials, unsuitable heat and surface treatments or inadequate adjustments, are just a few examples of the dangers in which you may incur by purchasing aftermarket parts. Vibration, premature wear, not conform oil pressure values and less engine life, are just some of the consequences that you risk to face.

The original Yanmar spare parts ensure a safe and secure usage of your engine and your business develop!

When the engine leaves our factory, we are sure to deliver to you the best quality. The reason is simple: we use only the best quality materials and highly skilled production processes. All our products, engines and spare parts, are subjected to stringent quality controls. This is the reason why we can ensure a long life for your engine. Why compromise the safety or increase the risk of incurring in high cost repairing using something other than the original Yanmar spare parts?

Just make two simple considerations.
  1. Only use original spare parts Yanmar can ensure that your engine will keep peak performance and operate in good condition for long time.
  2. The original spare parts Yanmar are the same parts used to produce your engine, maximum compatibility, better security!
How to recognize the imitation spare parts

Order original spare parts Yanmar

You can order original spare parts Yanmar through our network of authorized delears and qualified service centers. Most of the original spare parts are available from our warehouses and those of our dealers.

If you need to order spare parts urgently, we can deliver what you need, in the most cases, the next day from your order all over the country (check first with your dealer Yanmar). For more details on parts to be ordered, please contact your dealer with confidence Yanmar - providing the model and serial number of your engine series. Support and safety in purchasing!

How to identify your Yanmar engine

Yanmar keep a full range of spare parts for all engine models, from the newest to the oldest one. More detailed information are available from each Yanmar dealer.
We stay with you through the whole Yanmar product life cycle. Try us, you will be satisfy!