Spare parts


To order the correct spare parts for your engine, it is necessary to communicate to your Yanmar dealer or/and service center the right engine’s model and serial number. The following information show you how to identify your engine:
In details:
MODEL ⇒ Engine model
ENGINE NO. ⇒ serial number/identification number

L series engine (aircooled)

Information related to : L-AE/L- EE/LN/LV/LW
Adhesive label positioned on the cooling air conveyor toward the power take-off.

Engine model ex.: L100N5EA1C1C AID

Serial number ex.: S12345

TN series engines (liquid cooled)

Metal label fixed by 4 rivets positioned on the cover’s valvel on the fan’s side.
Sometime the could be a recurring label fixed on the machine.

Engine model ex.: 4TNV8 8-DSA

Serial number ex.: 012345

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